LAP-Laser - Applications

Measuring systemes for the metals industries

For more than 25 years, LAP systems have been measuring dimensions of long and flat products in production lines. We manufacture laser based systems for non-contact measurement of position, width, thickness, diameter, contour and shape for the entire process chain, from continuous casting to the finished product.

Careful assessment of customer requirements, from management to the operator level, of plant conditions and operating procedures, is essential to engineer and implement well thought-out solutions. Any project begins with the thorough understanding of customer needs.

Please have a look at the following pages. We show you an extract of successful application examples:


Profile measurement of wire rod in a multiple strand mill

Flatness, thickness, length and plate shape measurement

Profile measurement of long products

Profile measurement of coil sidewalls

Thickness profile measurement

Plate profile measurement and cut optimization

Measuring systems for slabs

Online measurement at continous caster

Precise profile measurement of three-lobed bars


Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes

Online measurement in a pilger mill
Online measurement of "high collapse" pipes