Maintenance & Service

Standard service

We recommend that our facilities are serviced every year. Your personnel can carry out additional service work supervised by EBNER technicians in parallel to the standard service.

  • Check fan impellers
  • Leak test workbase and piping system
  • Check temperature control instrumentation and provide test certificates
  • Measure inner cover wall thickness (spot checks)
  • Test facility safety systems
  • Inspect heating system components
  • Check process atmosphere supply quality and flowrates
  • Function-test process atmosphere systems
  • Perform statistical evaluation of malfunctions
  • Advise on spare parts
  • Thermal-clean workload space (steel wire facilities only), if required
  • Check lifting equipment

The worldwide EBNER service network ensures reliable operation of our facilities throughout their operating life, rapid troubleshooting and repair of malfunctions and scheduled preventative maintenance work. Our service team is integrated into the commissioning and quality control department. This keeps our service people up to date on the latest facilities and ensures information is provided on the latest technical developments.

Experienced engineers, modern instrumentation and diagnostics systems, plus extensive know-how, support our customers in getting the best cost/benefit performance out of their EBNER facility. Preventive maintenance checks increase the safety and reliability of plants that are subjected to rigorous production conditions every day.

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