Surface grinding machines, Braun

Slipning med högt tryck är den mest tillförlitliga metoden för att få bra ytor. Det är dessutom kostnadseffektivt.

Before a continuously cast, rolled or forged semifinished product of stainless steel can be refined to a high-grade finished product, it must be ensured that the surface is free from cracks, scale or other inclusions.

High-pressure grinding is the most reliable and most efficient way to get clean workpiece surfaces ready for proceessing. It can be applied flexibly for various grinding tasks such as surface grinding, edge grinding or spot grinding.


Grinding, WaldrichCoburg

The grinding machines we have been manufacturing and continually developing for over 55 years set standards for others to follow. Particularly when demanding requirements are placed on complex technologies, accuracy, machining efficiency, workpiece dimensions and productivity, our customers can rely on us. 

More than 600 machines sold worldwide can testify to this.

WayGrind CorruGrind CorruGrind

WayGrind - Steel, stone, concret

RailGrind - Rails

CorruGrind - Paper

The CorruGrind is used for producing corrugated rollers for manufacturing corrugated cardboard. Modern systems for corrugated cardboard operate with a paper run-through speed of up to 700 m/min. This places the most demanding requirements on the production accuracy of the corrugated rollers. If the paper were to run through the system at such a high speed, even the smallest deviations in the pitch of the toothing profile or concentricity errors of the corrugated roller would result in the paper tearing. From the standpoint of production and due to the high accuracy involved, a corrugated roller can be compared to a precision gearwheel, however with a toothing profile with a length of 2,000 to 3,000 mm.