LSV-2000 Lenght & Speed Sensor

Lower Operating Costs and Improved Process Control and Reliability

For reliable processes, accurate velocity control and precise coil inspection applications, replace contact wheel measurements with the LSV-2000 Laser Surface Velocimeter for non-contact velocity and length measurement, higher operating efficiency, reduced downtime and easy integration.

Compact, Reliable, Cost Effective (Fast ROI)

Accurate speed and length measurement is critical for optimized production processes. It is essential to reduce scrap and optimize output and financial revenue. Beside it should measure without contact to avoid slip or damage to the surface.

The LSV-2000 is the new member of the next-generation compact velocimeters. It is fast, reliable and measures forward, backward and stand still. The LSV-2000 fits perfect into any application for process control i.e. in Cut-to-Length applications. The excellent performance and cost effective design results in a fast return on investment to the user. Whether the task is to measure steel, shiny aluminum, oily sheets, wire, cable, paper, cardboard, non-wovens and tissue, the new LSV measures reliably on almost any surface or material.

  • Attractive price/performance ratio and excellent cost-effectiveness
  • All-in-one system, simple integration into production process and control environment
  • Robust sensor technology for reliable operation even under harsh conditions, protection classes IP66 and IP67
  • Optional cooling, air-purge and heavy-duty housing for measurement tasks in challenging environments 
  • Includes two trigger inputs for additional light barriers, or optical switches for high-precision edge detection and offset length compensation
  • Fast, state-of-the-art signal processor with powerful command set for efficient system communication via serial or Ethernet interface



LSV-A-110 Connection Box

The Connection Box is completely wired for instant operation and contains a full terminal block, a universal power supply and a LAN connector.

LSV-A-120 Air Wipe with quick exchange window

A front-mounted, aerodynamically optimized air wipe unit keeps the sensor’s optical window free of dust and steam. For cleaning or replacement, the quick-release window can be easily exchanged.

LSV-A-124 C-Frame Accessory Kit

The C-Frame Accessory Kit allows for an easy and straightforward integration in the C-housing of any radiometric thickness gauge. A built-in cooling plate keeps the sensor within its operational temperature range.

LSV-A-122 Cooling Plate

The cooling plate keeps the sensor in its operational temperature range, even under hot ambient conditions.

LSV-A-130 Mounting Platform

The three-axis adjustable mounting platform simplifies the precise alignment of the LSV-1000 sensor in relation to the measurement object.

LSV-A-121 Cooled Protective Housing

To handle hot and hostile environments in rolling mills and continuous casters, Polytec has developed a Cooled Protective Housing consisting of an aluminum housing with integrated stainless steel cooling coils. The coolant can be water, rolling coolant, paraffin oil or kerosene. An optional heat shield protects the system from radiated heat from the measurement object itself or other heat sources.