Plastic Railway Products

The Lankhorst plastic sleeper is the alternative for wooden or concrete sleepers, switch sleepers and bridge sleepers.

Because of their very long lifespan, the different types of plastic sleepers have low Life Cycle Costs.

Advantages of KLPĀ® Sleepers


Ease of installation

  •     The same tools can be used as for wooden sleepers
  •     Standard fastening systems can be used


Environmentally friendly

  •     Made of 100% recycled plastics
  •     No leaching to the ground water
  •     100% recyclable after their long lifetime
  •     Low carbon footprint



  •     Do not rot, splinter and are impervious to moisture, rot, fungus and insects
  •     Good chemical resistance
  •     A long life time of over 40 years



  •     Are thoroughly tested by Dutch and other European laboratories
  •     Are in the track since 2006



  •     Are admitted for use in the main track by ProRail since 2011
  •     Are approved by the SNCF for an extensive in track test.