A free software package enabling the viewing, analysis and storage of thermal data captured by a range of AMETEK Land thermal imaging infrared cameras and systems.

IMAGEViewer is a free software download enabling viewing, analysis and storage of thermal data captured by AMETEK Land’s range of thermal imaging infrared cameras and systems.

Designed specifically to operate with AMETEK Land’s thermal imaging solutions, the software provides an easy-to-use solution for thermal image processing, in combination with a Windows PC.

Once installed, connection to a camera is simple, using the menu or an installation wizard. A clear, intuitive interface quickly enables the user to view and analyse imaging data in several different views.

Suitable for single camera operation, IMAGEViewer is ideal for images used in a range of industries, including glass, hydrocarbon processing, industrial processing, minerals, power generation and steel.

Live image view with temperature analysis and record functions which can be expanded to fill the screen.

PLAYBACK- View and analyse “offline” recorded data.

COLOUR PALETTES- 6 colour palettes with 3 isotherms.

REGIONS OF INTEREST - 20 single point, 4 line/profile, 4 rectangular/ellipse/polygon and free line.

GRAPHS - 2 profile line graphs and a trend graph.

CAMERA - Status and information displayed clearly on screen.

AVERAGES - Gauge display showing max, mean and minimum frame temperatures.

DATA - Logging, exporting and archiving.

BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE - The IMAGEViewer software is compatible with ERF and IMG files generated from AMETEK Land’s LIPS software.

LOCALISATION - It offers a choice of ten localisation languages, including English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.

IMAGEViewer is AMETEK Land’s free image processing software for thermal imaging cameras and systems