Process Analysis

Process analysis, Flexible Analytics

Process Analysis

Process analysis is made easy with an iba system. Being able to quickly and efficiently analyze process data is vital to process optimization. Having the ability to make data driven decisions when new systems are put in place or existing systems are being modified is crucial. Access to originally recorded raw data, as well as aggregated statistical data, is paramount to successful long-term process improvement.

Business Benefits

  • Save energy and raw materials
  • Enhance productivity through more efficient processes
  • Optimizeprocesses through continuous monitoring and analytics

Efficient Data Acquisition supports effective Process Analytics

Efficient and effective process and product analytics require access to repeatable, reliable data acquisition solutions. Analysis of time-series and product-based data for various timeframes is imperative and must be supported by the data acquisition system. ibaPDA is an ideal solution for these requirements. ibaPDA is capable of recording time-series and/or product-based data. Measurement files can be stored for visualization, transferred to appropriate personnel for in-depth analysis, and processed automatically.

ibaHD-Server can be added to archive data and events that allow you to visualize long-term historical trends, as well as drill down to higher-resolution, millisecond-level data in a flash. In addition, video recorded with ibaCapture can be synchronized with the measured data to provide a complete picture of your processes and products. All of these products provide valuable insight into your processes and products.

Flexible and reusable Analytics

With ibaAnalyzer, you have flexible and powerful analytics tools at your disposal. Whether visualizing raw-data or aggregated mathematical relationships, users have a large library of analysis functions at their fingertips. Reusable templates can be created for flexible failure-mode, root-cause and long-term analytics to transform data into information.

These analysis templates can be easily automated using ibaDATCoordinator, allowing you to make concise data-driven decisions to increase yield and improve product quality.

Example configuration for Process Analysis

Process analysis