Gateway Hub

An accessory for the Gateway, allowing multiple Sensors to be connected & powered via a single power connection.
Manufacturer: Tan Delta Systems

The Gateway Hub is a sophisticated accessory for the Gateway, allowing multiple Oil Quality Sensors to be connected and powered via a single power connection, and integrated into the Gateway IoT, which in turn enables data from your Oil Quality Sensors to be accessed on any IoT monitoring system such as Tan Delta Online.

Every equipment operator knows that machine monitoring enables effective management and thus increased reliability, efficiencies and profits. Oil Condition Monitoring with Tan Delta takes this to a new level through much greater insight into the real condition of your equipment, and delivers significantly enhanced financial and operating benefits.

  • ONE IOT SYSTEM FOR MULTIPLE SENSORS - Link multiple Gateway Hubs together and enable up to 16 Oil Quality Sensors to communicate with a Gateway to create a complete loT monitoring system powered from a single source

  • AT A GLANCE MONITORING - Built-in LEDs display status of power, data, and ring, which will detect any disconnected or non-functioning sensors or cables in the circuit. If any sensor slots are no longer required, a discrete continuity plug can substitute to maintain the complete circuit

  • CONNECTIVITY TO TD-ONLINE - Use in conjunction with the Gateway to provide a data hub and dashboard view of monitored assets, alerting you to developing issues prior to any equipment damage or lost production. The interface is similar across desktop/tablet/smart phone views for ease of use

  • INDUSTRIAL QUALITY - IP67 rated, suitable for installation in any harsh commercial or industrial environment

  • MONITOR ALL SITE ASSETS - View the health status and location of your entire fleet of assets at the click of a button with the Gateway loT monitoring system

  • REDUCE BREAKDOWNS AND DAMAGE - Improve efficiency and extend the life of your equipment by ensuring optimal oil condition and reliable early detection of potential issues before wear particles are present and damage has already occurred

  • EXTEND OIL DRAIN INTERVALS - Safely extend oil-life and drain intervals by monitoring real-time degradation, and conduct maintenance when there is actual need, rather than on an ‘hours run’ basis

  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL - The mounting kit (sold separately) allows for quick and simple installation on any piece of equipment, including a bracket for mounting on a Gateway unit