Analyze historical data more efficiently with the Time Periods function

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Create time periods in an ibaHD repository with new versions of ibaPDA and ibaHD-Server

View all data for a process step or for a product, quickly and at a glance: With the new versions of ibaPDA (v8.2) and ibaHD-Server (v3.1), iba AG now offers users the option to store information about time periods together with the measurement data in ibaHD-Server. This additional information enables users to easily access shift and product data as well as measurement data of any process sections, e.g. tool change. For this purpose, time periods are configured in ibaPDA by defining a start and end time or a start or end trigger, and are stored in an internal or external SQLite database. Thus, users can easily access all related signals of these products or process sections. Data no longer needs to be stored multiple times in order to perform special evaluations.

In addition, there is the option to provide the defined time range in the data memory of the HD server with further info fields such as the product number or calculated KPIs. Using a unique product identifier, this function can now be used to map not only sequential processes in so-called "tracking mode", but also production processes in which workpieces can overtake each other in the process. The new Time Periods function therefore enables an efficient analysis of the selected time ranges and combines the advantages of triggered DAT files with the continuous long-term storage in ibaHD-Server.


Registered users can download the latest ibaHD-Server version in our download area



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