PDA License Extension (HarmonizedCode:85234910, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Manufacturer: iba-ag
SKU: 30.001930
License for Multistation Applications - Multistation Operation

Technical Specification:

  • Synchronization of several ibaPDA-V6 systems with a sample accuracy between the linked data acquisition systems.
  • Trigger pool with the distribution of trigger events via Ethernet (TCP/IP) connectivity.
  • Special Remarks:
  • For the multistation master an output module ibaFOB-4o-D is required which needs to be connected as a mirror card to an available FOB-i- card (Type D).
  • All 4 outputs of the ibaFOB-4o-D are sending in parallel the "snctime" signal for the multistation synchronization.
  • For a multistation slave a FO link input of a FOB-i-card (type D) is required for receiving the "synctime" signal for multistation synchronization.
  • If more than 4 multistation slaves should be synchronized, an additional FO distributer ibaBM-FOX-i-3o-D can be used to distribute the "synctime" signal accordingly.
  • Status:available
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