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iba Sverige

Acquisition, Recording and Online Visualization of Measured Data

  • ibaPDA
    The modern classic of data acquisition
  • ibaHD-Server
    Historical data immediately available
  • ibaQDR
    Length-based recording of quality data
  • ibaQPanel
    Displaying quality data - live and in color
  • ibaInSpectra
    Real-time monitoring of process vibrations


Powerful Analyzing and Evaluating of Measured Data

  • ibaAnalyzer
    Powerful analyzing and ­evaluating of measured data
  • ibaAnalyzer-InSpectra
    Detailed offline vibration analysis
  • ibaAnalyzer-Reportgenerator
    Automatic generation of ­individual reports
  • ibaDatCoordinator
    Data management automation
  • ibaAnalyzer-DB
    The database interface for ibaAnalyzer


iba Bus Monitors for Field and Drive Buses v1.11

  • ibaBM-CAN
    Bus monitor for CAN/CANopen
  • ibaBM-DP
    Bus monitor for PROFIBUS
  • ibaBM-eCAT
    Bus monitor for EtherCAT®
  • ibaBM-ENetIP
    Bus monitor for EtherNet/IP
  • ibaBM-PN
    Bus monitor for PROFINET
  • ibaBM-DDCS
    Bus monitor for DDCS drive buses


Record and analyze videos and measurement data synchronously

  • ibaCapture
    Measure, view and understand
  • ibaVision
    Industrial image processing in real time


Compact Measurement Modules for Analog and Digital Signals

  • ibaPADU-8AI-U/ibaPADU-8AI-I
    Analog/digital input modules for data acquisition up to 1 kHz
  • ibaPADU-D-8AI-U/ibaPADU-D-8AI-I
    Analog/digital input modules for data acquisition up to 40 kHz
  • ibaPADU-4-AI-U
    Analog/digital input module for fast sampling up to 100 kHz
  • ibaPADU-C
    Analog/digital data logger for grid independent measurements

 Predictive maintenance and vibration monitoring v1.5

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Reducing plant downtimes, avoiding false alarms
  • Real Time Vibration Monitoring
  • Online monitoring: Optimizing processes, increasing product quality
  • Offline Vibration Analysis
  • Detailed analysis, parameterization and configuration


The ibaDAQ family

  • Local Data Acquisition with Connection to Cloud Services and Databases


Automated processing and management of measurement data

  • ibaDatCoordinator


Web-based visualization for product and process analysis

  • ibaDaVIS


iba-PCs & FO infrastructure

  • Powerful industrial PCs, PC connections, FO infrastructure


ibaLogic v1.7

  • Measurement and Automation in one System


See the Big Picture

  • Measurement and Automation in one System


The iba Modular System v2.9

  • Intelligent Central Units and I/O Modules with suitable Interfaces


Customized Monitoring - Allen-Bradley Controller Interfaces

  • ibaBM-ENetIP
  • Acquire data via EtherNet/IP
  • ibaPDA-Interface-EtherNet/IP
  • Acquire data via Ethernet
  • ibaPDA-Interface-Logix-Xplorer
  • Connection via Xplorer interface



  • Interfaces to various PLC systems


Customized Monitoring – S7 Controller Interfaces

  • ibaBM-DP
  • Acquire data via PROFIBUS
  • ibaBM-PN
  • Acquire data via PROFINET
  • ibaPDA-Interface-S7-TCP/UDP
  • Acquire data via Ethernet
  • ibaPDA-Interface-S7-Xplorer
  • Connection via Xplorer interface


Customized Monitoring - Interfaces for SIMOTION and SINAMICS Systems v1

  • ibaBM-DP
  • Acquire data via PROFIBUS
  • ibaBM-PN
  • Acquire data via PROFINET
  • ibaPDA-Interface-Profinet-CP
  • Acquire data via PROFINET
  • ibaPDA-Interface-SIMOTION-Xplorer
  • ibaPDA-Interface-SINAMICS-Xplorer
  • Connection via Xplorer interface


Customized Monitoring - TwinCAT Controller Interfaces

  • ibaBM-eCAT
  • Acquire data via EtherCAT
  • EtherCAT diagnostics
  • ibaPDA-Interface-Generic-TCP
  • ibaPDA-Interface-Generic-UDP
  • Acquire data via Ethernet
  • ibaPDA-Request-TwinCAT
  • Acquire data using the Request method
  • ibaPDA-Interface-TwinCAT-Xplorer
  • Connection via Xplorer interface


Safety and Quality in Energy Grids v1.2

  • ibaPQU-S
  • Modular Power Quality Monitoring System
  • ibaNet750-BM-D
  • Power measurement with WAGO power terminals
  • ibaPDA-Interface-IEC61850
  • Integration of IEC 61850 compatible protection devices


Locate Errors and Eliminate Failures v1.1

  • ibaPDA-PLC-Xplorer
  • Measuring from the beginning
  • ibaAnalyzer
  • Powerful analyzing and ­evaluating of measured data


Expanding the iba system with I/O modules of the 750 series from WAGO/ Beckhoff v1.1

  • ibaW-750
  • Central unit for WAGO I/O system 750 with Ethernet connection
  • ibaNet750-BM-D
  • Central unit for WAGO I/O system 750 with fiber optic connection


Recording measurement data and events and making them available immediately

  • ibaHD-Server
    Historical data available immediately


ibaMAQS - Modular measurement system

Acquire and analyze signals synchronously and precisely
 iba Scandinavia 

Central manager for iba software

  • ibaManagementStudio





  • 3D-views of geometric objects, machines or plants
  • Animation of objects with ibaLogic and ibaPDA-V6 measuring values, simulation and control data
  • Interactivity via virtual control panel
  • Processing of current or recorded data
  • Interfaces to OPC and iba measuring files
  • Import of standard 3D engineering data (dxf, stl)
  • 40 behavioral parameters can be configured for each object
  • Events can be viewed at the same time at different locations
  • Improved analysis due to linking with ibaAnalyzer
  • 10 Objects are free of charge
  • Can be operated intuitively and is cost-effective



  • Synchronized recording of video capture and measured data with ibaPDA-V6
  • Continuous and event-triggered recording
  • Storage protection for important recordings
  • Up to 16 analog and/or IP cameras
  • Replay and analysis of video recordings synchronously with measured data in ibaAnalyzer
  • Easy configuration with ibaPDA-V6 I/O manager
  • Live view of video capture for up to 16 cameras


ibaCapture-CAM and GigE Network Cameras

  • High speed video capture with ibaCapture-CAM
  • Supports GigE Vision® compliant cameras
  • Up to 4 GigE cameras per Server
  • Resolution levels up to HD quality
  • Continuous and event-triggered recording
  • Supports image processing applications with ibaCapture-CAM Machine Vision interface add-on1)



  • Synchronized recording of HMI screen activity and measured data with ibaPDA-V6
  • Connecting up to 64 HMI stations per ibaPDA-V6 system
  • Local or centralized storage of video data
  • Easy configuration with ibaPDA-V6 I/O manager
  • Screen region and recording rate (frames per second) configurable
  • Capture of mouse position and mouse key strokes
  • Synchronized replay and analysis of video recordings and measured data in ibaAnalyzer


ibaDatawyzer-ICC v1.1

  • Reliable Identification of Coils
  • Areas of application
    ›› Detection of coil mix-ups
    ›› Determination of strip cuts (head/tail)


  • Offline tool for generating rolling mill schedules on reversing stands
  • Uses the current process data, no modelling
  • Does not depend on materials, can be employed flexibly
  • Can be integrated in the existing infrastructure, no transfer of know how to third parties
  • Complete documentation
  • Easy to use



  • Parallel A/D converter for digital signals
  • 40 digital, galvanically isolated input channels with sampling rates of 1 kHz up to 25 kHz per channel and signal level up to DC ±48 V
  • Application in fault reporting systems for high-precision signal recording and subsequent evaluation by means of ibaAnalyzer
  • Application with ibaPDA-V6, ibaLogic and ibaScope
  • Data transfer with fiber optic cable technology; resistant against electromagnetic irradiation and suitable for longer distances
  • Serial connection mode and ring topologies with external synchronization are possible
  • With ibaPDA-V6 max. 5,120 signals per system in 1 ms
  • When using ibaLogic in the multiplexed mode up to 96 devices can be cascaded within one fiber optic ring with up to 3,840 monitored signals per ring



  • Online monitoring of cyclical processes for quality assurance and machine diagnosis



  • Provides multiple licenses by means of one dongle
  • Manages licenses from distributed applications centrally
  • License management for the following applications:
    - ibaAnalyzer-E-Dat
    - ibaAnalyzer-DAT-Extraktor
    - ibaDatManager
  • Reserves licenses for important applications
  • Display of free and currently used licenses
  • Event log
  • Graphical statistics overview of the license use



  • Integrated connection to iba measuring systems in OEM solutions
  • Fast 8/16 bit Dual Port RAM data interface
  • Bidirectional fiber optic link for analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • Supported ibaNet protocols: 32Mbit, 32Mbit Flex
  • Flexible setting of data rate, data size and formatting with 32Mbit Flex
  • Different operation modes (cascading, point-to-point)
  • Compact design



  • Connection of VME based PLC systems to ibaPDA-V6 or ibaLogic
  • Backwards compatible to ibaLink-SM-128V-i-2o
  • Can be used in all common VME32 and VME64 systems
  • Bidirectional fiber optic link for analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • Unidirectional fiber optic link for analog and digital outputs or diagnosis
  • Supported ibaNet protocols: 3Mbit, 32Mbit and 32Mbit Flex
  • Flexible setting of data rate, data size and formatting with 32Mbit Flex
  • Different operation modes (cascading, peer-to-peermode)
  • Power supply via VMEbus
  • Fast data transfer due to Dual Port RAM technology
  • Block consistent mode



  • Inventory manager for iba software


ibaNet750-BM-D v1.4

  • Expansion of the I/O spectrum with I/O modules of the 750 series from WAGO/Beckhoff



  • ibaPADU devices for fast data acquisition with sampling rate up to 25 kHz (40 μs)
  • 8 analog and 8 digital inputs
  • Digital inputs for 18 V to 32 V, sampling synchronized with analog inputs
  • Robust housing, easy mounting

  • 8 analog inputs with integrated ICP-interface for direct connection to ICP-sensors
  • IMI ICP definition-compliant
  • Detection of broken sensor or short-circuit on sensor
  • Each analog input channel is equipped with a programmable amplifier and low-pass filter for optimization of signal dynamics

  • 8 galvanically isolated analog inputs for ±10 V



  • Parallel A/D converter with 8 analog and 8 digital output channels
  • Every channel is galvanically isolated and has its own A/D converter with electrical isolation of 1.5 kV
  • Acquisition cycle is 1 ms with a transmission of 64 analog and 64 digital signals per cycle.
  • Up to 8 devices can be cascaded using fiber optic cables at the maximum distance of 6.561 feet between 2 devices
  • RJ11-jack to connect a notebook using ibaCom-PCMCIA-F card
  • Robust metal housing, assembly on the mounting rail



  • Network independent battery powered data logger with integrated lithium ion battery
  • 8 analog inputs, 16 bit resolution
  • 8 digital inputs
  • Synchronous data recording of all channels
  • Creation of binary files in iba format or csv files
  • Sampling rate from 1 sample/min. to 1000 samples/s
  • External trigger
  • Integrated 4 or 32 GB data storage
  • USB interface
  • Battery run-time up to 24 h during normal operation
  • Rugged design, easy mounting



  • Interface for acquiring data of Ametek LSP infrared line scanners
  • Connection via standard Ethernet connection
  • Supports binary and ASCII communication
  • Acquires up to 1000 samples per line
  • Color graded display of the temperature distribution in ibaAnalyzer or online in ibaQPanel



  • Record measured values on machine tools
  • ibaPDA
    Xplorer interface for accessing SINUMERIK CNC control systems
  • Areas of application
    ›› Online monitoring and visualization
    ›› Make the machine IoT-capable
    ›› Benchmarking
    ›› Commissioning support
    ›› Calculate characteristics



  • Data acquisition of the newest generation - new features and functions in ibaPDA-V7