iba Webinar: ibaAnalyzer - Computations and KPIs based on raw data

den 14 mars 2023

What is meant by computed values and KPIs and how can they be defined and processed with ibaAnalyzer?

With this webinar, you will learn the answer to this question and get a detailed insight in how to process raw data acquired with ibaPDA. No matter if data is stored in dat-files or in ibaHD-Server, ibaAnalyzer can be used to transform, aggregate and/or summarize the available information. The results in the form of computed values or KPIs can, for example, be stored in SQL DBs or published with ibaDatCoordinator.

All topics covered will be illustrated with easy-to-understand examples.

Webinar Overview:

  • What is meant by computed Values and how do they differ from raw data?
  • ibaAnalyzer basics - How to configure computed values?
  • Possibilities to provide computed values - from DB Extract to ibaDatCoordinator-Publish
  • Learning by doing - A collection of examples
  • While ibaPDA is the core tool for the acquisition of high-resolution measurement data, the actual benefit of the iba system results from the extraction of additional insights based on these raw data. The basic tool for processing the stored iba data is ibaAnalyzer.

In this 1.5-hour webinar, we will give you a comprehensive overview of ibaAnalyzer with a focus on computed values. Besides typical applications and calculation examples (e.g. KPIs), we will show some basic techniques to structure your analysis and make it reusable for others.

The computed values provided by ibaAnalyzer can be transferred to other systems in various ways, however, the default application is ibaAnalyzer-DB. In particular, we will demonstrate how the computed values provided by ibaAnalyzer are the key to set up a meaningful ibaDaVIS dashboard.

Topics covered include:

  • ibaAnalyzer basics - from raw data to summarized information
  • The iba software toolchain – acquire – store – compute - visualize
  • Best practice examples

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