iba Webinar: Northbound Connectivity

den 9 januari 2023

iba webinar, northbound connectivity

In the webinar, we focus on what we call "Northbound Connectivity" in the iba system. Based on different use-cases, we will explain how "iba data" can be provided to third-party systems and give advice on selecting the right technology. We distinguish between hot and cold data, meaning data streaming and batch transfer as well as direct read access to iba's own time series database (ibaHD-Server) via API.

Webinar Overview

  • Northbound Connectivity in the iba Eco System
  • Topology - Edge (pre)processing, On Premise and/or Cloud storage
  • From cold to hot - connectivity in the products ibaAnalyzer, ibaDatCoordinator and ibaPDA
  • Programming access - ibaHD API
  • Use-cases for the different connectivity

While every iba software product has its own domain of application, the capability to provide results to third-party systems is becoming more and more important across the complete tool-chain. Depending on the use-case, data must be provided in different formats, resolutions, or refresh times. Many iba products offer the possibility to make data or results available to third-party systems.
We explain the different options for each product in detail and provide guidance on when and how to use these connectors.

In this webinar, you will get a compact overview of all possibilities to provide data both outside and inside the iba system. Selected examples will help you to find the best solution for your use case.

Topics covered include

  • A general overview of iba software products that can provide data to third-party systems
  • A top-level overview of possibilities focusing on advantages and disadvantages
  • Details on how to work with ibaPDA, ibaHD-Server, ibaDatCoordinator and ibaAnalyzer to make data available


  • Detlef Maaß - Product Manager (iba AG)
  • Dr. Tobias Seitz - Product Manager (iba AG)

Fact and Figures
14:00 – 15:00
08. February 2023

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