ibaLogic-V5 Timing Diagnostics

Graphical online signal calculation and processing
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Artikelnr: 32.500005
Extended Diagnostics - ibaLogic V5 Timing Diagnostics

Technical Data:

  • The ibaLogic V5 Timing Diagnostics is able to record either the task or the program timing of individual ibaLogic PMACs = Runtimes within dat- files
  • The recording itself is carried out always on the computer where the tool is executed. The tool is automatically installed with ibaLogic.
  • Always the latest status information are being recorded (idle, run, break) and due to this the computer execution time per task in µs
  • For each task it will be recorded:
    - one analog signal (idle = 0, run = 1, break = -1)
    - one digital signal (idle = 0, run or break = 1)
    With the digital signal a smarter and faster access to the displayed timing is possible by using the double-click feature of the ibaAnalyzer
  • Special Remark:
  • This tool requires a license that can be used
    - either with an existing dongle
    - or with an extra dongle
    To provide the way of license must be requested by the license ordering!
  • To record an ibaLogic-PMAC within a PADU-S-IT2x16 requires always a PC with the license dongle (usb-dongle)
  • With one license it is possible to record a single data store for each existing ibaLogic PMACs ( Runtimes) doesn't matter where the PMAC is executed, either on a PC or in an ibaPADU-S- IT2x16. For analysis ibaAnalyser is required.
  • Status:available