ibaNet750-450/4-AI Resistance

Process coupling: Analog input module for ibaNet 750 (HarmonizedCode:84733080, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 15.144500

4-channel analog input; Resistance measurement; - 4-channel analog input; Resistance measurement; Adjustable

Technical Specification:

  • DIN rail mount
  • Power supply via system bus
  • 4 Inputs; 4 x 16-bit data; 4 x 8-bit control/status (optional)
  • Type of Signal: Resistance measurement; Potentiometer positions
  • Conversion time approx. 100ms
  • Sensor Connection: 4 x (2-wire, 3-wire, 4- wire)
  • Sensor types Pt100; Configurable: Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni120, Ni1000 (TK6180 + TK5000), Potentiometer: 10R … 1k2, 10R … 5k0
  • Power consumption approx. 85mA

Special Remark:

  • Warranty period extended to 5 years

on request