ibaPDA Interface: HPCI-DGM200E (HarmonizedCode:85234910, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 31.001009

Communication interface - GE Energy HPCI system connection to iba measurement system

Technical Data:

  • a DGM200-network may consist of
    - HPCi PLC with DGM200-V or -P board (peer-to-peer-connection) or
    - More HPCi PLCs connected to a DGM200C device as data concentrator
  • DGM200 E converter
  • one free network interface on the ibaPDA computer (1000 Mbit/s)
  • ibaPDA-V7.2 or higher
  • Functions:
    This licence allows to gather data which are available on the DGM200 bus system (CC100/CCM).
    ibaPDA is member of DGM200 network and is able to get data from each connected HPCi-PLC
    - Three types of modules for defining the measurement data are available in ibaPDA:
    1.) HPCi Lite module:
    Access to data which are programmed with CCM and available on DGM200
    Access to the data in all four cycle times provided by DGM200
    max. 1000 analog plus 1000 binary values per module
    Request functionality for data collection via signal browser (toc.ini from address book generator necessary)
    2.) DGM200E module:
    Access to the data on DGM200E network interface
    max. 1000 analog plus 1000 binary values per module in ibaPDA
    3.) DGM200e dig512 module:
    max. 32 x 16 = 512 Bits per module (no analog values!)
    Only for specific application

Special Remarks:

  • To gather data via DGM200E-interface is possible with a basic licence of PDA to get pre-defined data
  • A DGM 200 E converter is needed and must be ordered directly from GE Energy!
  • For fast data acquisition a timer interrupt with high accurracy is needed. That interrupt can be supplied by an ibaFOB-card, e.g. ibaFOB-i-o.
    If no FOB card is in use, only an internal system software timer will be used for to generate an IRQ.
    However the accuracy and the equidistance of that IRQ depends on the system load. Because of high processor load it could happen that data gets lost during data acquisition.