Technical Services Type A - daily rate

Daily rate for technical support (HarmonizedCode:2, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 60.000341

System Engineer - Rate Per Day - Qualification Class A: Systemengineer


  • Technical support for iba products only
  • Price: daily rate
    valid on weekdays from 7:00 - 18:30
  • Extra charge 25%:
    on weekdays from 18:30 - 7:00,
    saturdays all day
  • Extra charge 50%:
    on sundays and public holidays

Special Remark:

  • Without travel time and travel expenses (hotel..)!
  • Modifications and programm changes in customer plants PLC's are not part of our service offer. This type of changes are in the responsibility of the plant owner and operator.



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