Data Visualization and Information Service (HarmonizedCode:85235190, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 34.040010

Data Visualization and Information Service - Visualize and analyze measurement data, process data and quality data in your web browser

Technical Data:
Base license ibaDaVIS

  • Data source:
    - DB standard with iba format
    - iba measurement files (dat-files)
    - DB signal tables with time stamps
    - iba HD-Server Data
  • web-based configuration of user specific and problem specific views for various user groups with up to 12 visualization tiles
  • Supports HTML 5 web bowser under:
    - Windows
    - IOS
    - Android


  • Enabled by license
  • Installation ibaDaVIS on Windows- PC
  • Extraction of KPI's out of dat-files into iba- formatted DB tables via "ibaAnalyzer-DB"
  • Writing measuring date into DB signal tables with ibaPDA Server (signal related 64/256/1024) via
    - ibaPDA-Data-Store-Oracle
    - ibaPDA-Data-Store-SQL-Server
    - ibaPDA-Data-Store-PostgreSQL
    - ibaPDA-Data-Store-MySQL
  • Reading of ibaHD Server Data via the license add-on "ibaHD-Server-API-Read"
  • For the extension by 12 more visualization tiles the license "ibaDaVIS- upgrade with 12 Visu Tiles" is available
  • Contains software maintenance and support after the purchase for 2 years. Afterwards a software maintenance and support contract is required.