ibaPDA Interface: EtherNet/IP (HarmonizedCode:85234910, ECCN:N, LKZ:DE, AG:N)
Tillverkare: iba-ag
Artikelnr: 31.001005
Communication interface - ibaPDA-Interface for to connect PLC systems via EtherNet/IP

Technical Data:

  • min. interval: 1 ms
  • max. interval: 1000 ms
  • Number of connections/modules per interface: 64
    Ethernet/IP supports two module types:
  • 1. EtherNet/IP I/O module:
  • Periodical data transfer (block-transfer, via CIP ForwardOpen)
  • Fixed data structures via standard modules
  • max. data transfer to ibaPDA with
    ForwardOpen: 499 Bytes
  • Usable connection types: unicast / multicast
  • 2. EtherNet/IP Produced Tag:
  • A controller tag can be configured as a "Produced Tag" within RSLogix5000 and Studio5000
  • User-defined data type structure with more capability and flexibility than with EtherNet/IP I/O modules
  • Data must be requested periodically
  • Max. size of data structure: 500 bytes
  • Usable connection type: unicast
  • Special Remarks:
  • Requires an ibaPDA basic license
  • Please provide to us the dongle number of the existing PDA license with your order that we can prepare the license extension for your dongle
  • If there are more than 64 communication connections (modules) required, the interface can be extended with additional 64 interfaces (modules) with the license "one-step-up- Interface-EtherNet/IP". This license extension can be used 3 times per interface and allows in total 256 connections (modules) per interface.
  • For fast data acquisition a timer interrupt with high accurracy is needed. That interrupt can be supplied by an ibaFOB-card, e.g. ibaFOB-i-o.
    If no FOB card is in use, only an internal system software timer will be used for generating an IRQ.
    However the accuracy and the equidistance of that IRQ depends on the system load. Because of high processor load it could happen that data gets lost during data acquisition.
  • Status:available
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